Proposal for Peer Review Online Platform (PROP)

2nd February 2018

An overview of our vision

The Advice Quality Standard’s current assessment process consists of reviewing paper evidence and on site interviews with advice workers carried out by an assessor.

What is proposed here is the introduction of a web-based platform for peer assessments of advice given, carried out by an external experienced advice worker from another AQS accredited organisation, reviewing a sample of case files to ensure that the advice given is competent and reflects best practice.

Benefits to everyone involved

  • Clients of advice services will be able to rely on receiving advice that is competent, accurate and subject to audit.
  • Advice agencies would benefit from getting relevant feedback on the quality of the advice they provide which would enable them to identify issues and training needs.
  • Funders and commissioners of advice services would be assured that advice given is independently checked.

How the scheme could work

Right now, we have a vision for how we can better ensure quality advice to the benefit of us all. Below is a plan of how this peer review programme would fall into place alongside current procedures.

If you have any further enquiries please feel free to contact us at the Advice Services Alliance at info@asauk.org.uk.