AQS Project Management Committee

The Advice Quality Standard is overseen by an advisory committee comprised of people with expertise in the field of quality assurance and social welfare legal advice provision. The advisory committee is known as the Project Management Committee (PMC) and reports to the Board of Trustees of the Advice Services Alliance.

The Project Management Committee acts as an arms-length body to ensure that the Advice Quality Standard is not unduly influenced by any one of the Advice Services Alliance members.

Current membership of the Project Management Committee

  • Professor Avrom Sherr (Chair)
  • Clive Tulloch
  • Ruth Daniel
  • Sally Coles
  • Catherine Poulter

The group is provided secretarial services by Lindsey Poole, Director of the Advice Services Alliance.

If you wish to send comments to the Project Management Committee, please send an email to info@asauk.org.uk.