Benefit of holding the AQS

What benefits do we get from holding the AQS?

Good, well run organisations will provide good quality service to their clients regardless of their chose quality assurance process. So what are the added benefits of holding the AQS?

The Advice Quality Standard creates the right conditions for growing committed and supported practitioners, which is crucial to good advice. It provides assurance that advice is well delivered for advisers, managers, trustees, service users and funders as well as providing the common bond between different types of advice services serving different client groups. Whilst it is possible for organisations who do not hold a quality standard to provide good advice, the Advice Quality Standard helps ensure organisations are well managed, which helps to ensure development, continual improvement and (most important in the current climate) sustainability.

There are many reasons organisations may want to apply for a quality standard, but we feel there are particular benefits to be gained from holding the AQS:

  • Assurance of quality
    • external validation that your service is working according to the best practice for your clients
  • Quality values
    • Demonstrates that the quality of service delivered to clients is at the heart of our work and not an additional add-on
    • When funding is tight, as it is now, this is more important than ever
  • Better client outcomes
    • Evidence from other fields has shown that regardless of other factors, the outcomes for clients using a quality marked service are greater than the outcomes from those without
  • Better risk assessment
    • The discipline of the AQS ensures that services are keeping on top of the main areas of risk
    • Knowing about and anticipating risk is a key factor in service sustainability
  • Access to funding
    • Many funders like to see quality standards in place, some funders insist on it.
    • The Advice Quality Standard is accredited by the Money Advice Service. Only services holding an accredited standard can apply for funding from the Money Advice Service
  • Accountability
    • Board of Trustees and senior management teams can use the report from the AQS to evidence good practice and to build a better understanding of the service
    • Corrective actions and areas for improvement can help Trustees develop long term strategies and business plans
  • Benchmarking
    • As one of 700 organisations which hold the AQS you have access to a range of organisations undertaking similar or comparable work to you
  • Opportunities for referrals
    • AQS holders refer to other AQS as first choice as it is transparent on the quality of service
    • Many partnerships have been built on the basis that the AQS is a common language across different services
  • Community of AQS practitioners
    • Through this website and through the other opportunities we provide, services have access to almost 700 other organisations in the same area of work

But don’t believe us! Talk to organisations who already hold the AQS about the benefits they have gained from going through the assessment process. Find organisations close to you who hold the AQS »