What is said about the AQS

AQS Assessment Team

We asked the brilliant AQS assessor team for their views on what the Advice Quality Standard brings to advice services. Here is what they told us:

  • ‘The AQS is a ‘one size fits all’ standard for advice services, although it is not always an easy fit!’
  • ‘For me, the best organisations use the AQS assessment process as a way of hooking all of their people into the issues of quality’
  • ‘The AQS is not about telling or threatening people, but about the interpretation for what’s right for a particular service’
  • ‘With less fuel available to keep services going, the AQS is really helpful for organisations to think about strategic planning’
  • ‘In amongst the struggle of trying to secure funding, we see the joy of practitioners when they gain the AQS. I just wish the joy could last longer!’
  • ‘The AQS helps organisations become a well-fired machine– all parts of the service need to be working for it to function properly’
  • ‘It is wonderful when you witness an organisation seeing the world differently as they go through the AQS- and we are part of that change process’
  • ‘We often see organisations using out-dated tools so we are able to share techniques and tips we have gained from other services. There is something about the mind set of charities, but my advice would be ‘don’t wait’. Be proactive and get ahead of the game’
  • ‘During the time I have been assessing, I have seen a ‘modernisation’ process take place. Some very cherished services have been lost during this process, whilst others that are well respected need updating. The AQS helps with this’
  • ‘We are all ‘doers’; we like to see our recommendations put into practice and often chase people up to make these happen’
  • ‘As assessors, we all like working with the voluntary advice sector. We are very empathetic to them, but we also need to be strict!’