Voluntary not amateur

The Advice Sector is both voluntary and professional!

The Advice Quality Standard is only awarded to organisations who can show that they both enhance access to advice and offer a thoroughly professional service. The UK is unique in the scope and expertise of its charitable sector – and we are proud to say advice services provide an excellent example. Set up and run by people who strongly believe that everyone should have access to justice,  to knowledge and to expertise , be it housing, income, employment,  health or other areas of daily life, the advice sector supports thousands of people each month to resolve problems.

The advice sector has in-depth knowledge of the benefits system (and its failures), employment rights and tribunals as well as housing repairs, debt management, unfair treatment and many other areas which affect people’s lives. Such issues are governed by complex areas of law (generally known as social welfare law) which determine how people should operate, what is legal and what it not.

Advice professionals understand how this law is properly applied, to ensure that people in this country are both protected in their everyday lives and able to assert their rights when things go wrong. Our clients are not wealthy people nor big businesses, but ordinary people bumping into difficult and upsetting problems. We are only able to provide this service through securing contracts with local government, gaining funding from trusts and foundations and tapping into the generosity of volunteers. We provide immeasurable support to communities at a minimal cost.

We want to celebrate the achievements of advice providers across the country.

If you are a client or their representative and have a good news story to tell about an advice service which holds the Advice Quality Standard, please share it with us- and better still, share it with them. Or if you hold the Advice Quality Standard and it has helped your organisation to develop, please do let us know. Feedback is very welcomed as hearing from you that our work has  made a difference helps to keep us going!

Please send us your thoughts and comments to info@asauk.org.uk. Visit the members pages to see what other Advice Quality Standard holders have said.